Paid Clinical Trials For Cluster Headache

Cluster headache also referred as suicide headaches, as reported as one of the most painful conditions. The headache may last from 15 minutes to 3 hours, the cluster attacks usually last for weeks, months or years. Cluster headache is treated with medical professionals and the patient needs a diagnoses. The pain is severe in one side of the head near or behind the eye which may result in turning the eye read or teary and also nasal discharge may occur. The patient may have flushing, nervous system dysfunction, sweating, headache, agitation, watery or puffy eyes or dropping of upper eyelid.

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causes of cluster headaches are unknown but the risk of it occurring may be from tobacco smoke or family disorder. Cluster headache may be treated with oxygen treatment, which means providing oxygen to the lungs for breathing problems and also by medication like triptan, calcium channel blocker, steroid and nerve pain medication. Cluster headache can be treated by neurologist and primary care provider specialist. The condition effect 0.1% of the general population, men is effected four times more than women and usually occurs between 20-40 year age.
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